Monday, September 12, 2016

Lets Get Coffee

Hello there internet. It's me, ttypes. It's been a long time and it's really good to see you.
But before we catch up I've got some news! I have a website now: And you can even find a link back to this blog on it. Among other things.

Remember Pawl? || || We work together sometimes.
Well right now we've got a full length collaborative album in the works.
We've been at it for a year and a half! And between you and me, we'll probably be working on it for another year. But please don't despair, it will be worth it. I promise.
Teaser: there's a song about aliens on it.

Also, if you haven't heard, I've been collaborating with the amazingly talented rapper Landon Wordswell.
If you've never heard of him go check out his bandcamp:
We've released a song already! :
More to come soon.

What about the Gentlemen of Leisure? Heard of them before?
Well they're working on their debut album, and I'm going to be on it. But honestly, good luck finding them on the internet right now. Though you could check out the work of Chris Blount- - one of the founding members of the group and the main rapper on my track Whose Streets?

Then there's this chap Lykaire I've been talking to. He does indie edm, is pretty dope and stuff, and he and his pal Ghost Bed are working on an album and I'm gonna be on that too. They'd be much obliged if you checked out their music: ||
I'm not getting paid for posting these links, I'm just a nice guy.

Aaaaaanddd: I've started a live demos series on youtube. Go check out my youtube channel! And stay tuned for more on that soon.

Ok, phew. I just had to get that off my chest. Thanks for listening internet.

But how are you doing? Did you finally quit that job? Does your dog still have heartworm?
Is your little brother's garment thing working out?

Really? That's good to hear.

Yeah, the weather has been crazy. Have you seen those clouds lately? Aren't they a little bigger than usual? It could just be me.

Well, it was good to see you, internet. We should really do this again. Good luck with your new job! Oh sure, I'll let her know. Ciao.


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