Friday, January 31, 2014


Throughout 2011 as I read and watched the news I was enraged and dismayed at the violence used against protesters out in the open, in the streets, across the world- much the same is today. When Occupy blossomed I became inspired, it was my country now, and I watched in horror as American law enforcement responded with violent authoritarianism- we had become a police state. I didn't know what else to do so I started writing this song. Born out of anger it has ballooned into something larger over time and collaboration. It's a muck-raking hip-hop rant with hyperlinks expounding: it's a pop pamphlet.

Whose streets? Our streets. I'm on the ave. with the 99 behind me. 
They up at the top of the building havin' a crime spree.
We pay checks from endin' up on the concrete.
You're not alone we fightin' to keep our homes while 
Companies do us wrong through policy of a loan. 
We in the war zone and they're buying predator drones 
And want us to sit at home in awe watchin' the throne.
Politicians try to tell you what they ain't got,
The government and big banks in the same pot.
I guess it's all in how you view it like an ink blotch
Lean right or left we're still standin' in the same spot.
Broken economy but check the facts: 
they knew it all along back at Goldman Sachs.
B of A took the money from the homes they jacked
And the one percent paid off of all of that.

Come on- brothers and sisters West to East
Don't let these corporate suit and ties disrespect the streets
Lets be more than outsiders with an angry speech
It's time to occupy, speak your peace, let's go!

The Everest casino, the biggest, the greatest
Fixed up in every way so the richest can take us
All the way to the bank and back up to congress
Then up to the white house and justice lodges.
It's the golden age of cash just ask the dodgers
No baseball money- first string accountants.
The new Olympic sport 'tax loophole slalom'-
Weavin' in and out of those wall street columns.
The new feudal lords blame us for the problem,
Well ya'll morally aligned with Smeagol Gollum.
If you could look at yourself through the 99's eyes
Would you cry, could you cry at your malice and lies?

[Heaven, the rich don't get in.
Who said that? Jesus, remember him?
The truth is heavy and their lies are thin
but the corporate media is in line with their spin.]

Power, fame, money, one world religion. 
Everybody disarm til you have a vision. 
Brothers and sisters West to East, 
Come on and bring peace to the streets.

Feudal lords, feudal lords, feudal lords, draw your swords.

Wachovia, Wachovia 320 billion 
running like the mafia- Italians and Sicilians.
Laundered money for the cartels making killins'-
No really, no joke, literally a killin'.
Bank profits worth about the thousand times the
fine that the politicians billed em': United States of Crime.

Political distorted documented reports of 
funding Mexican gangs with guns right on the border.

Gimme more and more of disoriented vision.
The blood in the streets is the product of the system.
They privatize the prison to profit that's the mission.
The money from the poor feeds the one world religion.
It's clear they want you out in the cold and uneducated,
emasculated, it's time to make a statement.
Wall Street was gettin' over now it's time for payment.
It's time to occupy and pound the pavement.

Come on- brothers and sisters West to East
don't let these corporate suit and ties disrespect the streets
lets be more than outsiders with an angry speech
it's time to occupy, speak your peace, let's go!

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Beat: StrangeFlow
Lyrics: Tim. K and Chris Blount with Pawl
Vocals: Chris Blount, Tim K., Abnorm, and Crystol Slim Bracey
Backing Vocals: Tim K. and Crystol Slim Bracey

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